Four Tips For A Bathroom Remodel!

August 14, 2016

Remodeling a bathroom has become as All-American as spring training, summer road trips, fall football weekends, and the winter blues. The kitchen may still be viewed as the epicenter of American home life but when it comes to renovation the bathroom is tops in the eyes of the homeowner for refreshing!
As recently as 2012 the National Association of Home Builders told us that “bathroom remodeling, at a staggering 78 percent, is the most requested home renovation.” While those numbers might have changed a bit we think you get the point. Prepare a real “lifestyle” adjustment plan – In most cases the family continues to live in the home as the renovations are underway. Workmen will be inside your world! Make provisions to move basic bath needs from their normal areas to an alternate location. Make sure the alternatives make sense and will continue to make sense if the timeline of the project is extended. Be overly mindful when you are working in children’s bath areas and master bath spaces. Expect some loud and awkward situations. Nerves may get frayed! Use professionals – The selection of the team producing your renovation is obviously of the utmost importance. Do not let the internet get you bogged down with too much information. Two very reputable professional builder organizations are NARI and the NAHB. Of course Angie’s List and the like can be very informative. On the design side, it is very wise to select an architect and/or designer with great care since this relationship may become highly personal in many instances. In professional selections of this type nothing really beats great referrals from happy clients. Understand the budget process – How a renovation project is priced and delivered is not always easy for the lay person to understand. Take the time to grasp the basics. A “schedule of values” will show you what each item of labor and materials is costing you. Getting conversant with this concept will help immensely. For example, let’s say you now want an under-mount sink but the original price you agreed to called for an over-mount sink. If you know the price of the original sink and the labor to install it, you will then be better able to value the potential up charge for the labor and material of your new desire. Sounds simple, right? Well, not always, so please pay attention here and you will benefit from this understanding. Be willing to speak up – This is your space, your life, and your money. The “guys” running around your house may not work for you directly, but they certainly do indirectly. If you are uncomfortable with something that you see or hear, speak up! Meddling is one thing but involvement is another… curious and courageous with the process for your best result.