Carpet Buying Guide

Select Your Carpet in 4 Easy Steps

1. Choose Your Style

Texture-This yarn is twisted then the carpet loops are cut to create a textured surface that helps minimize footprints and vacuum marks.  This is a very popular choice for high traffic areas.

Frieze– This is a cut pile-style of carpet that is tightly twisted causing the ends to curl.  This style of carpet creates a textured surface with a contemporary look that is not only durable but easy to maintain.

Loop- Loop construction carpet has dense, looped strands and a low profile for a clean, low-maintenance look. This style is durable, reliable, and ideal for high-traffic areas.for high-traffic areas.

Pattern & Loop– This is a woven or tufted style of carpet with all tufts in a loop form of either uniform or varying heights creating a unique pattern or design.


2. Choose Your Fiber


Nylon– This is the strongest fiber and the most common carpet material.  It is resistant to soil and mildew making it highly durable and easy to clean.  In addition nylon carpets provide a soft texture and hold their color very well.  Nylon is an excellent choice for high traffic rooms.

Polyester- Polyester is exceptionally soft and very stain resistant but does not offer the durability of nylon.  Polyester fiber is offered in a wide selection of textures and colors however polyester is more prone to pilling and shedding.  This is a good choice for low to medium traffic rooms.


Wool- Wool offers a luxurious look and feel that is highly resilient and very durable.  The fibers are very tightly packed making it naturally stain and soil resistant.  While wool is a very high quality fiber it is generally the most costly.


3. Choose You Color Treatment

Fleck– a combination of solid and dark colored yarn randomly twisted together.  The darker flecks not only accent the carpet but create an appealing textured look.

Tonal– This treatment combines several different shades of the same color yarn that creates a tonal look.

Solid no shades or halftones.

Multi  Combines several colors or tones for a unique and casual look.


4, Choose Your Pad

Luxurious comfort & support underfoot
Promotes Longer Carpet Life
Absorbs & reduces noise
Enhances Airflow for easier cleaning
Exceeds CRI indoor air quality standards