Planning the Perfect Kitchen

April 27, 2017

A kitchen renovation is a big undertaking. It can take months to complete a kitchen remodel. Kitchen cabinets themselves can take eight weeks to be custom made and installed. Construction is half the challenge, planning is the most important part to make the room function the way you need it to.
1. Determine your seating strategy. A breakfast table or an island paired with chairs or stools can create a comfy eat in kitchen. Visualize where you want family and guests to sit- and if your island or table can double as a work surface.
2. Consider your cooking style. Are you an average cook, or are you a borderline professional chef? When deciding on kitchen features, think function first. If you won’t use it, you probably don’t need it.
3. Decide on range type. Do you want gas, electric, or induction? There are many great appliances, you can’t go wrong.
4. Think about how you will use your sink. Do you prep a lot of food? Do you need a deep sink for pots? These questions will help you decide on a single bowl sink, double bowl sink, or one that has a smaller prep sink next to a larger capacity side.
5. Keep your grocery buying habits in mind. Do you love fresh produce? Or do you grab something from the freezer for dinner? Choose a refrigerator based on whether you need more food preservation capacity or more frozen food space.
6. Give thought to cleanup. Make sure your dishwasher works for the way that you use your kitchen. Do you need utensil trays, deep capacity for pots, or plenty of room for glassware?
7. Include functional storage. Add small appliance storage. Use every inch of space!
8. Match surfaces of counters and floors to your lifestyle. Choose materials that will be durable for whatever you do.
9. Make lighting a priority. Layer overhead fixtures, task lighting, and under counter lights. Make sure to plan outlets, dimmers and wiring so your kitchen accommodates all our small and large appliances. Hide outlets under the upper cabinets so they don’t interfere with your backsplash!
10. Find ways to add style without clutter. Instead of countertop decorations that collect dust, use fun details like cabinet hardware.