Secrets to Picking Bathroom Tile You’ll Love Forever

February 24, 2018

Picking tile should be the easiest thing in the world, but you wouldn’t be the only one to feel slightly overwhelmed after stepping into a showroom.

There is so much to choose from and you can easily get derailed when faced with a huge selection of great tile and innovative vignettes. Here are a few hints at how to best narrow down the choices.

Pretty Tile- First and foremost when picking tile you have to like it. It has to be pretty. Consider wood look tile or stone look tile for the bathroom. There’s a high demand for durability in the bathroom and a faux look offers “the look of the real McCoy without the maintenance of the real McCoy.” You can get creative with faux types of materials in a way you can’t with the materials they represent. It offers a solution for rooms like the bathroom.

Coordination- Secondly, your tile has to complement the things that you’ve already selected for the home. Every design has to have some continuity. If you’re crazy about that cherry red penny round tile, but the rest of the house is a traditional look in beige, you may want to rethink your bathroom tile choice.
Go neutral with elements that are more permanent and add bold and bright in the details. It stays true to the general color scheme and feel of the house but adds a touch of luxury and the details add a pop of interest in a small space. It acts as a stand-out feature of the home but doesn’t stand alone.

Durability- Thirdly, tile has to be durable, stain resistant, and it has to be long-lasting. You want materials that are timeless, will be around for a while, and won’t run the risk of being unappreciated in a few years.

Stay on target for bathroom tile you’ll love with these three simple tips from a pro. Visit the Thomas Tile and Carpet showroom to experience our selection of bathroom tile for yourself.