Three Easy Steps To Selecting The Perfect Backsplash

September 11, 2016

Select the cabinets and countertop first as they will provide the base from which to start with. If the cabinet wood grain or the countertop pattern is busy, one may prefer to go with a cleaner, straighter forward tile and design for the backsplash. Likewise, if the wood and countertop are simpler- the backsplash can be more intricate.
1. Select the field tile. It should provide some contrast between the wood cabinets and the countertop. Color and texture are the important features here as they will set the tone for the installation.
2. Select a pattern for the tile. Subway brick laid in a horizontal brick pattern is a classic choice. You could also put a square tile on a diagonal for a more formal look or simply straight stack the tiles.
3. Select the “jewelry!” These are the small details that make or break the job! This could be metal, marble, or glass. These can be inserted in as deco pieces or installed as a ribbon for the length of the countertop or inside a medallion over the cook top or sink!
The kitchen is the most important room of the house! If you need to update yours – stop by and see Sue or Kym today!
Don’t forget to bring a sample (or picture) of your counter and cabinet with you for a design consultation!