What are some things to keep in mind when designing with area rugs?

August 20, 2017

Custom area rugs offer many choices allowing for maximum personal expression. Choose from our wide selection of running line carpets and then define the size, border or binding, color and pattern of the rug to best suit your design goals. There are many options for materials to finish custom rugs, from textured leather, linen, to cotton.

Area rugs are a key design element in many beautiful spaces. One great thing about custom area rugs is that they can be made exactly the size you need—whether it’s a rug that fills an entire room, stopping 12 inches from the walls, for example, or a rug that defines a dining or conversation area within a larger space.

There’s no standard rule for how big an area rug should be, though there are some considerations to keep in mind. The ideal size of the rug will be driven by the furniture arrangement in the room. In the case where a rug goes under a dining table and chairs, the rug should extend beyond the edge of the table at least 32 to 36 inches. This will ensure that all four legs of the dining chairs stay on the rug when people are sitting in the chairs.

Sometimes it’s unavoidable that a piece of furniture will have two legs on an area rug and two legs off. Keep in mind in this case that if the rug has a thick pile, you might need to put something under two of the legs to make the piece of furniture level. Also, remember that all area rugs should have a good pad underneath them to prevent people from slipping and also to prevent excessive wear on the rug.

1) Non-Skid Padding is a great backing option that protects from abrasion, extends the life and stability of the rug and also serves the purpose of keeping the rug in place (indoor use only). 2) Outdoor friendly cushion helps offer more comfort to walk on as well as extends the life and stability of the rug. 3) Felt Backing protects a wood floor from abrasion (indoor use only). All 3 options are also great for hiding any fabrication on the back of the rug.